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The Uchinadi 沖縄手 curriculum from the 9th kyu to the 5th dan of the ATKO summarized here is for the most part common to the Shorin-ryu of the Matsubatashi school 松林流 although some kata 型 come from other Okinawan schools. Further exercises to be done individually such as the hojo undo 補助運動 or in pairs such as kakie 鉤 and irikumi 入組 or both as tai kitae 体鍛え are described in detail in the Syllabus. The curriculum from the 6th dan provides insights into the bare-hand kata, exercises and forms with various weapons of the Okinawan Kobudo 古武道 and is reserved only for ATKO members.

Mudansha (KYU)

9th Kyu White Belt

Fukyugata 1 (Nagamine)

8th Kyu Yellow Belt

Pinan 1 (Matsumura-Itosu)

7th Kyu Orange Belt

Pinan 2 (Matsumura-Itosu)

6th Kyu Green Belt

Pinan 3 (Matsumura-Itosu)

5th Kyu Blue Belt

Pinan 4 (Matsumura-Itosu)

5th Kyu Purple Belt

Pinan 5 (Itosu)

3th Kyu Brown Belt

Naihanchi 1 (Matsumura-Itosu)

2nd Kyu Brown Belt

Ananku (Maeda-Kyan)

1st Kyu Brown Belt

Wankan (Ahnan-Matsumora-Iha)

Yudansha (DAN)

Shodan 1st Black Belt

Naihanchi 2 (Matsumura-Itosu)
Jion (Itosu)

Nidan 2nd Black Belt

Naihanchi 3 (Nagahama-Itosu)
Jitte (Ahnan-Nakazato)
Seisan (Matsumura-Kyan)

Sandan 3th Black Belt

Jiin (Ahnan-Yamazato)
Wanshu (Wang-Teruya)
Passai (Sakugawa-Teruya)
Kaishu Naihanchi (Ason-Matsumura-Mabuni)

Yondan 4th Black Belt

Itosu Chinto (Ahnan-Gusukuma/Kanagusuku-Itosu)
Chinte (Ahnan-Matsumora/Oyadomari)
Rohai (Ahnan-Teruya)
Nijushi (Aragaki-Kuniyoshi)

Godan 5th Black Belt

Gojushi (Ryu-Sakugawa)
Kusanku (Yara-Sakugawa)
Hakucho (Wu-Miyagi)
Ahnan (Nakaima-Kuniyoshi)

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