The Shotokan 松濤館 curriculum from the 8th kyu to the 5th dan of the Ahnan Tomari-te Karate-do Organization (ATKO) summarized here is common to the mokuroku kata 目録型 or stylistic system of the Japan Karate Association 日本空手協会. Further exercises to be done individually like kihon 基本 and renzoku 連続 or in pairs like kumite 組み手 are described in detail in the Syllabus reserved for ATKO members. The curriculum from 6th dan provides in-depth information on kihon and further kata of the Funakoshi family not absorbed by the JKA.

Mudansha (KYU)

8th Kyu White Belt

Taikyoku 1 (Supreme Principle 1)

7th Kyu Yellow Belt

Heian 1 (Peaceful Mind 1)

6th Kyu Orange Belt

Heian 2 (Peaceful Mind 2)

5th Kyu Green Belt

Heian 3 (Peaceful Mind 3)

4th Kyu Blue Belt

Heian 4 (Peaceful Mind 4)

3th Kyu Brown Belt

Heian 5 (Peaceful Mind 5)

2nd Kyu Brown Belt

Tekki 1 (Iron Knight 1)

1st Kyu Brown Belt

Bassai Dai (To Break a Fortress – Major)

Yudansha (DAN)

Shodan 1st Black Belt

Kanku Dai (To Break a Fortress – Major)
Jion (Name of Temple)

Nidan 2nd Black Belt

Hangetsu (Half Moon)
Enpi (Flying Swallow)
Jitte (Ten Hands)
Tekki 2 (Iron Knight 2)

Sandan 3th Black Belt

Kanku Sho (Contemplating the Sky – Minor)
Gankaku (Crane on a Rock)
Bassai Sho (To Break a Fortress – Minor)
Tekki 3 (Iron Knight 3)

Yondan 4th Black Belt

Jiin (Shadow of Mercy)
Nijushiho (24 Steps)
Sochin (Tranquil Force)
Chinte (Rare Hand/Technique)
Gojushiho Sho (54 Steps – Minor))

Godan 5th Black Belt

Meikyo (Bright Mirror)
Wankan (King’s Crown)
Unsu (Cloud Hands)
Gojushiho Dai (54 Steps – Major)

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